— Knowing the Law May Save a Life —

Beat your fears

Sevilla Rhoads recounts how she overcame and even benefited from her anxiety. “The clients hoped that I would win their cases, and I could not cope with this pressure,” she says. “I suffered from migraines, nervous exhaustion. To end this, Rhoads studied stress management techniques.

Both the lawyer and the soldier fear the unknown or defeat, comments Professor Lande. At the same time, he adds, fear can be put at your service to help you stay alert, be alert, and respond effectively to threats. This is exactly what Lawyer Rhoads accomplished when she learned and mastered stress management techniques.

Arbitration lawyer Marshall Yoder talks about one of them. When he faces particularly difficult negotiations, he uses the breathing technique from Dr. Andrew Weil’s book. It is called 4-7-8 breathing. “You need to breathe in 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds and exhale slowly for 8,” he says.

In order not to be afraid of failure, you need to come to terms with the fact that everyone makes mistakes, Professor Lande quotes military expert Michael Asken. Mistakes should be appreciated as a source of experience, Asken emphasizes. Professor Lande suggests curbing fear through conscious work on yourself and meditation, but if this does not help, you can turn to a psychologist. “Lawyers who get the upper hand over their fear perform better than those who find it difficult to control it,” the professor is sure.