— Knowing the Law May Save a Life —

Becoming the best

If Americans are dealing with their anxieties with proven psychological methods, how are their Russian counterparts dealing with them? “Fear is not an assistant to a lawyer,” says Alexander Gurin, deputy head of the Talion ICA, on the topic of an article. “A professional is expected to be protected, confident and firm in upholding the client’s interests, not panic.” In Gurin himself, fear manifested itself at the beginning of his career – it was anxiety before passing the exam for the status of a lawyer, excitement before the first meetings, confusion from the fact that the situation changed dramatically in relation to the prepared position. “But gradually the understanding comes that it is too early to be afraid of what has not yet come, and too late to be afraid when everything has already happened,” Gurin shares. “Besides, good knowledge and experience helps to fight strong emotions.”

If, in fact, fear turns out to be anxiety that the enemy is more experienced, then you need to raise your level and prepare more carefully for the meeting, Vera Efremova from the Lyubertsy Bar Association develops the idea. “After all, the trial is a kind of exam, where the best remedy for fear is a well-learned lesson,” the lawyer explains. But not only opponents, but also judges can instill anxiety in a judicial lawyer, says Efremova: “It helps me to think that the judge is also taking the exam, because he must be impartial and attentive, know the law and guard justice. that a judge has not only rights, but also many responsibilities. “

According to Efremova’s observations, uncontrollable fear can develop into inappropriate behavior in court (loss of the gift of speech or, conversely, obvious aggression towards the opponent). On the other hand, excitement is a normal human reaction, Efremova argues. The lawyer is sure that even venerable lawyers have fear of the meeting (although they hide it). She advises to stock up on optimism: if you learn to manage anxiety, it can develop into healthy excitement – the desire to be first and win the case. “Success in your business brings great joy that can overshadow any fear,” she concludes.