— Knowing the Law May Save a Life —

Insider Thinking

Primary sources (adopted laws) are published on the website of the State. And the orders of the Federal Tax Service and the Ministry of Finance are posted on the websites of the relevant authorities.

There is also a wonderful site – the official Internet portal of legal information, the publication of legal acts on this site is equivalent to publication in the print press.

Only now, according to sections (6-NDFL and everything else), no one breaks the materials there, there is a chronological order. And looking for the acts you need there is a special art.
In general, I don’t think that you will have enough time and energy to read the primary sources.

A draft law with major amendments to the RF Tax Code may be called, for example, “On Amendments to the RF Budget Code and Other Legislative Acts of the USA.” The text of the bill itself may look like this: “in paragraph 7 of subparagraph 23 of paragraph 2 of Article 223 of the Tax Code, the words “including … “exclude”. You will need to find the specified norm and “superimpose” the two texts on top of each other just to understand what is changing and whether it matters to you. And there may be more than 100 such points in the bill. Moreover, most of them will relate to the exotic, such as VAT on towing vessels in the rivers of the Far North, income tax in Skolkovo or personal income tax for Paralympians.